ISPOR Medical Devices and Diagnostics Special Interest Group

To provide a platform to address the issues and challenges related to the field of medical devices and diagnostics and to evaluate current practices, value assessment methodology, and develop recommendations for practices in outcome research.


Medical Devices and Diagnostics represent a diverse field with several distinct types of devices and diagnostics. This area has been expanding exponentially over the last few years and represents about a quarter of hospital technology spending. The diversity in the types of medical devices and diagnostics, the variety of end users of the products, as well as, unclear market authorization and reimbursement processes are some of the challenges for the stakeholders within these fields.

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Health Technology Assessment for Molecular Diagnostics: Practices, Challenges and Recommendations from the Medical Devices and Diagnostic Special Interest Group


Value Assessment of Medical Devices
November 2015 - ISPOR 18th annual European Congress, Open Meeting, Milan, Italy

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