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Standardizing Definition of terms:

The following definitions were proposed by the Issues and Methods Definitions Working Group. A manuscript has recently been accepted for publication in Value In Health.
Medication Compliance and Persistence: Terminology and Definitions

Medication Compliance (Synonym: Adherence) is the extent to which a patient acts in accordance with the prescribed interval and dose of and dosing regime. The unit of measure for compliance is administered doses per defined period of time, reported as a proportion (%) of prescribed doses (D) taken at the prescribed time interval (T) as measured by the period of time, i.e., % of TD, measured by percentage.

Medication Persistence is the accumulation of time from initiation to discontinuation of therapy. Measured by time metric.

ISPOR Good Research Practices: A Checklist of Medication Compliance and Persistence Studies Using Retrospective Databases

Working Groups
Analyses Standards Working Group
Determinants of Compliance & Persistence Working Group
Economics Of Medication Compliance Working Group
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