ISPOR Tools for Outcomes Researchers

ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research
Good Practices for Outcomes Research are consensus reports on how to conduct outcomes research for key methods.

  • Comparative Effectiveness Research Methods
  • Economic Evaluation Methods
  • Modeling Methods
  • Observational Study Methods - Database Methods
  • Observational Study Methods - Prospective Methods
  • Observational Study Methods - Medication Adherence Methods
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Methods
  • Preference-Based Methods
  • Risk Benefits Methods
  • Use of Outcomes Research in Health Care Decisions

Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers
Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers are public online / interactive questionnaires to evaluate modeling, observational, and network meta-analysis/indirect treatment comparison studies. These questionnaires give the decision makers the ability to provide greater uniformity and transparency in the evaluation and use of evidence for coverage and health care decision making with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

ISPOR Scientific Presentations Database
The ISPOR Scientific Presentations Database is an electronic database of research papers presented at ISPOR Annual International Meetings, ISPOR Annual European Congresses, ISPOR Asia-Pacific Conferences, and ISPOR Latin America Conferences from 1998 to date.

Guidelines Index for Outcomes Research and use in Health Care Decision Making
The 'Outcomes Research Guideline Index' is a web-based compendium of methods guidelines (as well as key textbooks and review papers) used in generating health care research evidence, synthesizing evidence, and using evidence in health care decision making. These methods are applicable to all diseases and health disorders and health care interventions..

ISPOR International Digest of Databases
The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) has developed an electronic index (Digest) of key attributes of health care databases around the world available at the ISPOR website, which is accessible to the public. The digest is grouped by country and allows key word searches and searches by type of database.

Outcomes Research Issues
ISPOR develops articles and books on outcomes research issues.

  • Economic Evaluation
  • Health & Disease Management
  • Health Outcomes Metrics
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Patient Registry
  • Population Health
  • Preference-Based Methods

Oncology Outcomes Research Resources (OORR)
The Oncology Outcomes Research Resources (OORR) provides relevant information and resources related to oncology outcomes research with three main areas of focus: oncology seminal articles and books; oncology databases and registries; oncology organization.

ISPOR Health Outcomes Metrics Index of Open Source Code
The primary purposes of the ISPOR Health Outcomes Metrics Index of Open Source Code are to promote estimator transparency and to clarify alternative approaches in health econometric research.