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Value in Health is delighted in the increased number of submissions it has received in recent years and is keen to serve its authors in the best possible way. The following outlines the range of services to authors offered by the Journal’s Editorial Staff and Elsevier, the Journal’s publisher, at various stages of the submission and publication process.

During the Preparation of Your Paper
The most important resource to consult at this stage is the Journal’s Info for Authors, available on the ISPOR website and (http://www.ispor.org/publications/value/submit.asp). The Guide gives details of the overall aims of the Journal, the categories of papers we publish, the topics we are particularly interested in and the mechanics of the submission process. In addition, a useful source to consult is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (http://www.ispor.org/publications/value/VIH_FAQ.asp). Here, you will find up-to-date information on our acceptance rate, the average time from submission to first decision, the average time from acceptance to publication, the arrangements for online publication and the online readership of articles published in the Journal (e.g. page hits).

In addition, Elsevier publishes a general series of resources for authors on its Elsevier for Authors page (http://www.elsevier.com/journal-authors/home). This includes information on Elsevier’s mobile applications, policies for Open Access, plus journal and article metrics.

During the Review of Your Paper
Once your paper is submitted, the handling editor will make a quick decision (normally within 7-10 days) on its suitability for the Journal. If your paper is sent out for peer review, you can track its status online at: http://ees.elsevier.com/jval/. You can obtain an average expectation of the review time by consulting the FAQs (see above). However, please note that the times reported are averages and, as one might expect, some papers are processed more quickly and some take longer. I if you have any concerns about the review of your paper, you may contact our editorial office (viheditor@ispor.org) and the Editorial Assistant will either answer your query directly, or refer it to the handling editor for a response.

On Publication of Your Paper
If your paper is accepted for publication, the Journal and Elsevier offer a number of services to help you maximize the impact of your work. You will be reminded of these in the acceptance letter you receive from the journal. (e.g., we could provide a list, with links to the relevant web pages).

General Publicity
The table of contents of each issue is posted on the ISPOR Value in Health website and on the Elsevier Value in Health (http://www.valueinhealthjournal.com/).Elsevier also sends emails giving the table of contents to those who have signed up for Elsevier Journal Alerts.  In addition, a Table of Contents Press Release is sent to all ISPOR’s 8700 + members, indicating the contents of each issue, indicating featured papers and other issue highlights. Health policy or methodology papers are also featured in ISPOR’s eBulletin.

Free Access
If your paper is selected as a featured article, it will be available automatically, enabling any individual to download your paper. You will be notified of this before publication of your paper. (Note: all papers published in Value in Health become Open Access after the first year.)

Press Releases
All authors have the opportunity to draft a press release for their paper, which will be reviewed and edited by the Journal’s editorial office prior to release. This will be tweeted by the Journal (@ISPORjournals) and also sent to your institution’s media contact.

Citation and Usage Alerts
All authors have the opportunity to register for Elsevier’s Cite Alerts, whereby you will be told when your paper is cited in Elsevier and Usage Alerts, which tracks downloads of the paper on Elsevier’s online platform at:  http://www.elsevier.com/journal-authors/journal-and-article-metrics).

Other Publicity Opportunities
For particularly interesting or important papers, ISPOR may produce blogs or videos for posting on the ISPOR website (if your paper is selected, you will be notified). In addition, if you foresee opportunities for joint promotional activities between the journal and your own institution, such as seminars or conferences in which your paper(s) in Value in Health will be discussed, contact us at: vheditor@ispor.org.

The Journal is always keen to improve its services to authors. If, after reading this, you think of other services we could offer, please contact us at: viheditor@ispor.org.