Frequently Asked Questions

ISPOR offers answers to frequently asked questions about Value in Health on topics such as ISSN, manuscript revision, publication time frames, types of manuscripts accepted, and circulation. Click a subject below to find out more information. Should you have any further questions, please email vih@ispor.org.

Q: Is Value in Health a peer-reviewed journal?
Q: What is the acceptance rate of article submissions?
Q: What is the average time frame from submission to notification of the decision on an article?
Q: What is the average time frame from acceptance to publication?
Q: Will my article be available online prior to the print publication date?
Q: What is the average electronic publication timeframe from acceptance to online publication?
Q: Do you publish with or without DOI (Digital Object Identifier)?
Q: What is your online readership numbers; i.e. page hits, etc.?
Q: Is Clinical Trial registration required?
Q: What is the impact factor of the journal?
Q: What is your average Geographic Circulation?
Q: What types of articles do you publish in Value in Health?