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Welcome to the December 2011 edition of the ISPOR eBulletin. The ISPOR eBulletin provides updates of recent ISPOR events and accomplishments. For more information, see:


2012-2013 ISPOR Board of Directors–Call for Nominations

ISPOR is a member-driven organization. As an ISPOR member, you are encouraged to submit a nomination to serve on the 2012-2013 ISPOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Self-nominations are permitted. Please email your recommendation, along with a curriculum vita, to: For the 2011-2012 ISPOR Board of Directors members (including terms of office), see 2011-2012 ISPOR Board of Directors.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Wednesday, January 4, 2012.


ISPOR Scientific Achievement Awards

ISPOR Scientific Acheivement Awards are designed to recognize outstanding achievements in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. The awards are:

  • ISPOR Avedis Donabedian Lifetime Achievement Award
  • ISPOR Bernie J. O’Brien New Investigator Award
  • ISPOR Award for Excellence in Methodology in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research
  • ISPOR Award for Excellence in Application of Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research

These ISPOR awards will be presented at the ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting in Washington, DC, USA, June 2-6, 2012. The ISPOR Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for all 4 awards.  If you would like to nominate a candidate or yourself for one of the four awards, please send in the required nomination materials to: by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2012.  Nomination requirements and detailed award descriptions can be found at the ISPOR website at:

ISPOR Scientific Achievement Awards »


ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting, Washington, DC, USA, June 2-6, 2012: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS DEADLINE: JANUARY 19, 2012

The ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting will be held June 2-6, 2012 at the Washington Hilton, Washington, DC, USA. For Plenary Session topics and sponsorship, exhibit, advertising and symposium opportunities, see: ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting »


ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress, Madrid, Spain

The ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress was held 5-8 November 2011 at the Hotel Auditorium Madrid, Madrid, Spain. The Congress had over 3,200 attendees (a RECORD for an ISPOR European Congress), 60 podium presentations and over 1,400 poster presentations.
ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress Released Presentations »

ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress Research Presentations Award Recipients »
ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress Photos »


Value in Health Volume 14, Issue 7 On-Line

Value in Health »


ISPOR Group Forum Presentations – ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress

The following ISPOR Group Forums presented at the ISPOR 14th Annual European Congress in Madrid, Spain:

ISPOR Russia and Russia Far-East Regional Chapters: The Assessment of Medical Technologies in Russia: 15 Years of Road Map Development
ISPOR Performance-Based Risk-Sharing Arrangements Good Research Practices Task Force: Developing Good Research Practices for Performance-Based Risk-Sharing Agreements
ISPOR Hungary, Slovakia, Republic of Macedonia, Turkish SCP and Czech Regional Chapters: Alternative Implications of Economic Crisis on Health Care in Central and Eastern Europe: An Opportunity to Improve Decisions or Strengthen Cost-Containment Measures?
ISPOR Serbia, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel and Poland Regional Chapters: HTA Developments in the Central and Eastern European Region: Lock, Stock & Barrel in Challenging Times
Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force: Modeling Good Research Practices
ISPOR HTA Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus Regional Chapters: HTA as a Decision-Making Instrument in Health Care: Experience in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
ISPOR Spain Regional Chapter (CEISPOR): Recent Changes to the Spanish National Health Care System: Another Side of the Spanish Revolution or a Cost-Consequence of Economic Crisis?


ISPOR Ghana Regional Chapter

ISPOR welcomes a new ISPOR Chapter in Africa: the ISPOR Ghana Chapter, with Eugene Addo, BPharm, MSc, serving as Chapter President.  For more information, see: ISPOR Ghana Regional Chapter»


ISPOR Bulgaria Regional Chapter

The ISPOR Bulgaria Chapter has been formed, with Guenka Ivanova Petrova, MPharm, MEcon, PhD, DSc, as Chapter President.  For more information, see: ISPOR Bulgaria Regional Chapter »


 ISPOR Shanghai Regional Chapter

The ISPOR Shanghai Chapter held a Pharmacoeconomics Forum, “Pharmaceutical Pricing/Reimbursement and HTA/PE,” on 19 November 2011, in Shanghai, China. For more information, see: ISPOR Shanghai Regional Chapter »


ISPOR Distance Learning Program Now in Spanish!

The ISPOR Latin America Consortium Distance Learning & On-Site Training Subcommittee announces the launch of the Spanish language ISPOR Distance Learning Program.  For more information, see: ISPOR Distance Learning Program »


ISPOR Website Map

The Site Map on the ISPOR website gives you a quick and comprehensive look at the ISPOR website and provides over 20 areas of interests and links to many useful resources.  To access the ISPOR Site Map, simply click the Site Map Link on the green tool bar on any ISPOR web page.




ARCHeS Innovator – Realistic Clinical Trial Simulations


Need to answer complex questions regarding treatment efficacy, possible outcomes and costs in target groups with cardio-metabolic risk conditions?


Archimedes Inc. has built a large-scale, realistic simulation model of health and health care that is used by leading pharmaceutical organizations as well as government and private payors. The Model is continuously validated by simulating real-world clinical trials and observational studies and comparing the results.


Through funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Archimedes Model is now available as software as a service (SaaS).


Interested? Find out how ARCHeS Innovator works at:



International Healthcare Event:

Sustaining and Implementing Universal Health Coverage:
4 Perspectives for 5 Continents.

10th February 2012, Milano - Italy


SDA Bocconi School of Management is proud to host the first international Conference on Sustaining and Implementing Universal Health Coverage, taking place at Università Bocconi, Milano, on 10th February 2012.

A unique gathering of high visibility, the conference will address the most challenging topics of Universal Health Coverage and will highlight the four different perspectives of Management, Economics, Global and Public Health thanks to the involvement of prominent academics worldwide, including Gérard de Pouvourville - ESSEC, France • Mike Drummond – York University, UK • Timothy G. Evans - James P. Grant School of Public Health at BRAC University, Bangladesh • Nancy Kane - Harvard School of Public Health, US • Martin McKee - LSHTM, UK • Mark Pearson - OECD, France •  Walter Ricciardi - Università Cattolica, Italy • Peter Spurgeon - Warwick University, UK • Guido Tabellini - Università Bocconi, Italy • Paola Testori Coggi - Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, European Commission, Belgium, and key global policymakers such as WHO, World Bank and members of the private sector.

The event is open to all who have a keen interest in this global theme which concerns all countries, from high-income to medium- and low-income ones, including International and Italian members from academics to policymakers to members of the private sector and from health care managers to post-graduate students.


The deadline for registration is 30th January 2012. A special 'Early Bird' fee consisting of a 50% reduction applies for those who register by 15th December 2011.


For more information: or e-mail:




January 4, 2012

ISPOR 2012-2013 Board of Directors Nominations Deadline

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January 19, 2012

ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting Call for Abstracts Deadline

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February 10, 2012

ISPOR Research Excellence Award

Nominations Deadline

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February 10, 2012

ISPOR New Investigator Award

Nominations Deadline
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