February 2008

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ISPOR 13th Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Canada-

The 13th Annual International Meeting, "Vive la Diff�rence - Enhancing/Expanding Outcomes Research One Country at a Time," will be held May 3-7, 2008, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. For more information see:

ISPOR 13th International Meeting >>


ISPOR 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference, Seoul, South Korea

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference "Evidence-based Health Care Decision Making in Asia Pacific: The Application of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research" will be held 7-9 September 2008. Abstract submission ends on 17 March 2008. Abstracts submitted to the ISPOR 12th, or 13th Annual International Meeting, or the 10th or 11th Annual European Congress can be submitted to this Conference. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are now available. For more information see:

ISPOR 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference >>


ISPOR 11th Annual European Congress, Athens, Greece

The 11th Annual European Congress, "Moving and Improving Concepts & Evidence for Health Care Decisions" will be held 8-11 November 2008. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are now available. For more information see:

11th Annual European Congress >>





The Society's Awards are designed to recognize outstanding achievements in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. The ISPOR Scientific Awards are:

  • Avedis Donabedian Lifetime Achievement Award (EXTENDED DEADLINE)
  • ISPOR Bernie J. O'Brien New Investigator Award
  • Research Excellence for Methodology Award
  • Research Excellence for Practical Applications Award


Submit your nomination to: awards@ispor.org by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2008. Nomination requirements and detailed award descriptions can be found at the ISPOR website at: ISPOR Scientific Achievement Awards >>


These ISPOR awards will be presented at the ISPOR 13th Annual International Meeting in Toronto, ON, Canada, May 3-7, 2008.




NEW! The ISPOR Slovakia Chapter will hold its 1st Conference on Applications of Pharmacoeconomics: Experiences and Lessons 6-7 March 2008, at the Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. For more information go to:

ISPOR Slovakia Local Chapter >>


NEW! The Ukraine ISPOR Local Chapter was approved by the ISPOR Board of Directors on January 18, 2008. For more information go to: ISPOR Ukraine Local Chapter >>


NEW! The ISPOR Brazil Local Chapter will host its 2nd Annual Conference, 7-9 April 2008, in S�o Paulo, Brazil. This follows on its inaugural conference held March 2007 with over 250 attendees! For more information, go to: ISPOR Brazil Local Chapter >>


NEW! The ISPOR Chicago Region Local Chapter (ISPOR-CRC) will host a meeting in February, "Practical Aspects of Patient Registries", presented by Jeffrey Trotter MBA. For more information, go to:

ISPOR-CRC Meeting >>


NEW! The ISPOR China - Hong Kong Chapter will co-host an International Conference of Health Economics on Use of Health Economics Data in the Healthcare Environment of Hong Kong-The Way Forward from 29 February-1 March 2008 in Hong Kong. For more information, go to: ISPOR China-Hong Kong Local Chapter >>




NEW! Value in Health Volume 11, Issue 1 On-Line

Value in Health >>


Value in Health Online Early Articles Recently Added

  • Treatment Costs and Health Care Utilization for Patients with Bipolar Disorder in a Large Managed Care Population

  • Development of EMPRO: A Tool for the Standardized Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

  • Household Demand for Preventive HIV/AIDS Vaccines in Thailand: Do Husbands' and Wives' Preferences Differ?

  • Costs and Effects of Various Analgesic Treatments for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis in The Netherlands

  • Validation of a Four-Graded Scale for Severity of Heartburn in Patients with Symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

  • Psychometric Validation of the Cancer Therapy Satisfaction Questionnaire

  • Deterioration of Quality of Life of High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients Treated with High-Dose Chemotherapy: The PEGASE 01 Quality of Life Study

  • Understanding Medication Compliance and Persistence from an Economics Perspective

  • Preference-Based Quality of Life of Patients on Renal Replacement Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

  • The Direct Medical Costs of Undiagnosed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Clustering of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Health-Related Quality of Life among US Adults

  • German Recommendations on Health Economic Evaluation: Third and Updated Version of the Hanover Consensus

  • Validity, Responsiveness, and Minimal Important Difference for the SF-6D Health Utility Scale in a Spinal Cord Injured Population

  • Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Sharpen Formulary Decision-Making: The Example of Tiotropium at the Veterans Affairs Health Care System

  • An Economic Evaluation of Cetuximab Combined with Radiotherapy for Patients with Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

  • Quantifying the Decrement in Utility from Perceived Side Effects of Combination Antiretroviral Therapies in Patients with HIV

Value in Health >>





Good Research Practices for Retrospective Database Analysis Task Force

The Task Force is developing a report entitled, "Design and Analysis of Non-Randomized Studies of Treatment Effects using Secondary Databases," which will define good research practices for comparative therapeutic effectiveness studies using secondary databases, with an overarching guide toward design, analysis, and reporting of findings to inform policy and practice. For more information on this Task Force, see:

Good Research Practices for Retrospective Database Analysis Task Force >>



ISPOR Medication Compliance & Persistence SIG

Members of the MEDCOMP SIG authored, "Understanding Medication Compliance and Persistence from an Economics Perspective", by RA Elliott, JA Shinogle, P Peele, M Bhosle, and DA Hughes which is now available at:

ISPOR Medication Compliance And Persistence Special Interest Group (MCP) >>



ISPOR HTA in Evidence-based Decisions SIG

The ISPOR Global Health Care Systems Road Map, which was developed by the Global Health Technology Assessments Used in Health Care Reimbursement Working Group, the ISPOR Asia Consortium, and the ISPOR Latin America Consortium, is now available at: http://www.ispor.org/HTARoadMaps/Default.asp. This Road Map provides an overview of country-specific health care delivery systems, reimbursement and pricing approval processes, reimbursement terminology and contact information for the most relevant HTA and other government organizations: Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.





ISPOR By-laws Amendment

ISPOR by-law Article XII. Finances, Section 5, which states, "The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by an independent certified public accountant selected by the Finance Committee," was changed to, "The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by an independent certified public accountant selected by the Audit Committee," and approved by the ISPOR Board of Directors on January 18, 2008, and is open to the ISPOR membership for comment. You may send your comments to:


ISPOR members can submit articles on Economic Evaluation, Outcomes Assessment, and Policy Analysis, as well as Letters to the Editor and Commentary pieces on-line. To submit and article, go to the ISPOR CONNECTIONS link on the purple toolbar on the ISPOR homepage, and once on the ISPOR CONNECTIONS page, click the 'Submit an Article' box.

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February 15, 2008

Nominations Deadline: ISPOR Scientific Achievement Awards
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6-7 March 2007

ISPOR Slovakian Local Chapter 1st Conference
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17 March 2008

Abstract Submission Deadline: ISPOR 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference

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7-9 April 2008

ISPOR Brazilian Local Chapter 2nd Annual Conference

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