Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact ISPOR for specific information?
A: Call our main number at +1 609-586-4981 or toll free at 800-992-0643 and choose the membership option or email

Q: What if my membership has lapsed for 6 months and I renew today, what will my new expiration date be?
Your new membership expiry date will be from the date that you renew (ex. Expiration date = January 1, 2014. You renew on April 1, 2014 your new member expiry date will be April 1, 2015.)

Q: It’s the early registration deadline and I forgot my membership login.  If I register as a non-member, how can I get my old number and password? 
All duplicates in memberships including first name, last name and email are reviewed and merged. If you receive a new member card with a new number, please contact

Q:  How do I receive an invoice or receipt for purchases at the ISPOR website?
Confirmation emails with links to an invoice/receipt are automatically sent when a transaction occurs at our website. If you do not receive a confirmation or need an invoice at a later date, please contact

Q:  How do I contact an abstract author of an ISPOR meeting?
As a member, you have the ability to contact another ISPOR member through our email lookup. Please find the first name initial and last name in the Outcomes Digest and login to the email lookup for contact email.

Q:  How do I become a member of an ISPOR working group (SIG, Task Force or Council?)
To become a member of an ISPOR working group, please go to this site for information.

Q:  What kind of discounts do I receive as a member? 
Discounts are available for ISPOR meetings, ISPOR books, IDLP (distance learning), poster preparation and various publications

Q:  How do I find out about jobs in my field or how do I post a job at the ISPOR website? 
ISPOR Career Center provides an opportunity to search for a new job or find your next employee.   For more information, please see Careers

Q:  What opportunities are available to me as a student? 
ISPOR values its student members; they are our future leaders. For more information, please see ISPOR Students

ISPOR Member Services information is available to you at Please contact Rebecca Corey, Senior Manager, Member Services, at, or call +1 609-586-4981 x 122 for all membership questions.

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