• Develop recommended good practices/checklists for identifying, reviewing, and synthesising published evidence.
  • Develop recommendations on practical issues encountered when applying health state utility (HSU) estimates in decision-analytic models including: appropriate baseline evidence, methods used to estimate values for comorbidities or adverse events, appropriately characterising uncertainty when using summary statistics from published evidence, and how to proceed where there is no appropriate or very poor evidence.

Although evidence from the literature and using the HSU estimates in decision-analytic models (including capturing the variance in the evidence) are often treated independently, in practice, they are interdependent and depend on the health condition, definition health states, and structure of the decision analytic model and any requirements of reimbursement authorities. Therefore, they should not be treated as mutually exclusive tasks.


There is a clear need for recommendations on how to address the practical issues to: 1) educate and advise researchers undertaking applied projects where the required evidence is not available from clinical trials, and 2) assist reviewers and policy makers evaluating the appropriateness of the evidence and methods used.


John Brazier, MSc, PhD, FMedSci, Dean, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England, UK

Leadership Group:

Roberta Ara, MSc, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England, UK
Ismail Azzabi, MSc, MAS, Senior Manager Global Health Economics, Takeda Pharmaceutical International AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Hélène Chevrou-Séverac, PhD, Director HEOR Medical Affairs, Celgene International Sàrl, Switzerland
Bruce Crawford, MA, MPH, Vice President, Real World Evidence & Insights, inVentiv Health Japan G.K., Tokyo, Japan
Luciane Cruz, ScD, PhD, Health Technology Assessment Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande du Sol, Porto Alegre, Brazil
John Karnon, MSc, PhD, Professor of Health Economics, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
Andrew Lloyd, DPhil, Director, Acaster Lloyd Consulting Ltd, Oxford, England, UK
Suzy Paisley, MA, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Director of Information Resources, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England, UK
A. Simon Pickard, PhD, Professor & Director, Graduate Studies, Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Jan Busschbach, PhD, Professor & Chair of the section Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy, Erasmus University Medical Center; Senior Investigator, Viersprong Institute for Studies of Personality Disorders (VISPD), Netherlands

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