Why Form an ISPOR Student Chapter?

ISPOR Student Network Initiatives

  • Increase participation in ISPOR activities
  • Enhance knowledge sharing in the field of HEOR
  • Bringing together academia, industry, and government
  • Act as a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas
  • Create awareness of the latest advances in HEOR
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Familiarization with and contribution to the ISPOR society

HEOR = health economics and outcomes research

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Value for:
Chapter Leaders

  • Developing your social network
  • Building your professional network
  • Obtaining leadership experience
  • Developing professional skills
  • A lot of fun!

Value for:
Student Members

  • Participation in ISPOR activities
  • Preparation for life after education
  • Access to ISPOR resources: Webinars, Internship & Fellowship Directories, Travel Grants, Dymaximum, Discounts

Value for: Institutions

  • International exposure
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Collaborations

"Initiating an ISPOR Student Chapter provided me with valuable experience that I wouldn't have obtained otherwise! Connecting with the ISPOR society really helped in being globally connected to others working in the field of HEOR!"

Five steps towards an ISPOR Student Chapter

Step 1: Institutional support

  • Faculty Advisor to supervise Leaders
  • Endorsement by the institution e.g. Faculty or Department

Step 2: Board constitution

  • Chapter Leaders are ISPOR Members
  • Required: President, Treasurer, Secretary
  • Treasurer or Secretary is Vice-president
  • Optional: Separate Vice-president

Step 3: Document preparation

  • Complete the application and provide: Letter of intent, institutional approval letter, names of Chapter Leaders, Faculty Advisor CV, and constitution

Step 4: Chapter application

  • E-mail the required documents from STEP 3 to studentnetwork@ispor.org
  • Congratulations! Your ISPOR Student Chapter application has been submitted

Step 5: Getting started

  • Be appointed to a Mentor Student Chapter
  • Organize events and apply for grants
  • Participate in Chapter President calls
  • Access the President Resource Center


  • The Chapter Development Committee is there to guide you through the application process.
  • When finding support within your institution, ask for some basic resources to get the chapter going.
  • Discuss how finances can be arranged, so that you will be able to receive and provide funding.
  • Templates for all required documents are provided online and by the Chapter Development Committee.

For more information, visit the ISPOR website (www.ispor.org) or get in contact with the Chapter Development Committee (studentnetwork@ispor.org)

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