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ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter Elects a New President

Congratulations and warm welcome to a new President of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter Dr and Professor Suraye M. Shukurova, Member, Academy of Medical Sciences; Head, Department of Cardiorheumatology, Institute for Advanced Physicians Training; Chairman, Thesis Council of Tajik State Medical University; Chief Rheumatologist, Ministry of Health!  

Dr Suraye Shukurova has been unanimously elected by the ISPOR Chapter Board of Directors and chapter members. Prof Shavkiya Pochodzhanova had to leave her position of the President due to the personal reasons.

Under the leadership of Prof Shavkiya Pochodzhanova, during 2015-2016, ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter conducted an outstanding activities enhancing and promoting the pharmacoeconomics, outcomes research and health technology assessment in the country. Prof Pochodzhanova has been constantly recruiting new young professionals and students to be members of ISPOR, presented the activities of the chapter and the achievements of Tajikistan Healthcare with great dignity at the HTA Roundtable Council in Astana, Kazakhstan and during the ISPOR 19th Annual International Congress in Milan. ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter with great regret had to let Prof Pochodzhanova to leave the position of a President; she will be still actively supporting the chapter activities as a Founder, Chief Advisor and a Past President of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter! 

The newly elected Dr Suraye Shukurova will continue the work started by Prof Pochodzhanova in bringing together country researchers, healthcare practitioners, and decision makers interested in health technology assessment and pharmacoeconomics, members of pharmaceutical medical device/diagnostics industry, academia and act as a key resource; at a local level providing the opportunity for the Republic of Tajikistan to become more familiar with the activities of ISPOR as well as its initiatives.

ISPOR’s presence through ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter will provide the opportunity to spread knowledge about health economics and outcomes research; health technology assessment.

ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter under the new leadership of Dr Suraye Shukurova is very enthusiastic about the planned upcoming activities of the chapter: Promote the dissemination of ISPOR information about the mission and objectives of the organization among policy makers and health specialists on all levels. Provide the roundtables and workshops on HTA skills training for all interested health specialists inviting colleagues from ISPOR Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Chapters. Implement the principles of evidence-based medicine and HTA in process of national practice clinical guidelines development. Training of young researchers on basics of pharmacoeconomics/health economics and international research approaches. Attend and actively participate in ISPOR annual and ISPOR Europe conferences, as well as in the ISPOR Asia Pacific conferences; take an active part in ISPOR publications: News Across Asia, Value in Health Regional Issues.

We wish Dr Suraye Shukurova much of success in her new position of the President of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter!

Great Participation of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter President at the 18th Annual European Meeting in Milan


Active Participation of Professor Shavkiya Pochidzhanova, President of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter at the Asia Consortium Meeting

Professor Shavkiya Pochodzhanova, ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter President, actively participated in the Asia Consortium Executive Committee meeting making presentation about the state of HTA and Pharmacoeconomics in Tajikistan as well as the great activities of the newly formed Tadjikistan Chapter. Professor Shavkiya Pochodzhanova has been attending our ISPOR meetings for the first time and was very impressed; she was attending one of our best European Congresses ever! Professor Pochodzhanova is very excited about her many new plans and initiatives  she is bringing to the Chapter. she made a lot of new friends from different chapters.

Upon her return from the European Congress to the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, Professor Pochodzhanova organized a meeting and made a great presentation about ISPOR 18th European Congress, HTA Roundtable Council and her impressions about the Asia Consortium Meeting. 70 people attended the meeting, including the Rector and the academia of the University. The decision has been made to work more in the implementation of the HTA decisions as well as to start an active preparation of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter members for the 7th Asia-Pacific Conference in Syngapore. 

News from the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan

ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter Executive Committee is Actively Participating in the Revision of the Formulary Drug System
Ministry of Health of Tajikistan started working on the revision of the Formulary Drug System. Resource Evidence Based Medicine Center and its Department of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology of the Avicenna State Medical University with its Head of the Department Professor Shavkiya Pochodzhanova, the President of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter hosted a very important working group meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Health.

The Chairman of the group, Dr. Isupov Salomudin Dzhaborovich, head of the medical and pharmaceutivcal education and personnel policy of the Ministry of Health was very interested in the further development of the ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter initiatives in the field of the HTA and Evidence-Based Medicine.


Contact Information

Tajikistan Regional Chapter Office

Department of Cardiorheumatology,

Institute for Advanced Physicians Training

59 I. Somoni Street, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan,




Chapter Leadership


PresidentProfessor Surayo M. Shukurova, MD, PhD
Secretary - International CommunicationsZumrad Hamroeva, MD, PhD
Secretary - National CommunicationsFarzona Qurbonova 
Treasurer Maksujon Khasanov 
Advisor - Pharmacological issues
Sanjar Karimov 
Officer Abdurakhmon Goibnazarov 
Officer Gulnora Makhmudova 
Officer Gulnoz Rajabova 




Dr Suraye Shukurova, President of ISPOR Tajikistan Chapter


Prof Shavkiya Pochodzhanova and Dr Isupov Salomundin at the Working Group Meeting on the Revision of the Drug Formulary System


Prof S. Pochodzhanova with ISPOR Kazakhstan Chapter Leadership at the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress in Milan, Italy

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