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Our Common Ground: Towards a shared understanding of the UHC Law and its opportunities and challenges for the private sector in the Philippines

On 27 February 2020, responding to the need to understand the complex issues involving Philippine Universal Health Care (UHC) law, the Asian Institute of Management, Think Well, and the ISPOR Philippines Chapter collaborated to bring public (government) and private sector together to understand what is the private sector’s role in UHC Philippines? Under the theme “Our Common Ground: Towards a shared understanding of the UHC Law and its opportunities and challenges for the private sector in the Philippines”. Learn more details of this initiative downloading the report on the following link: PDF report

Health Technology Assessment Wet Clinic Session Held in the Philippines

In collaboration with the Philippine College of Physicians, the ISPOR Philippines Chapter, and the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines, a special health technology assessment (HTA) session was held on May 7, 2019. The session covered key issues including “Decision Making in Health Under the Universal Healthcare Law: Role of HTA” and the way forward in HTA implementation from the perspectives of researchers, assessors, clinicians, and patients. Key aspects were discussed on what makes good HTA as well as the new role the Philippine Department of Health is playing with the implementation of universal health coverage such as priority setting for HTA and identifying the interventions or services to be purchased; accreditation as a process of choosing service providers, benefits package provider payment rate setting (incl co-payment), and contracting arrangements. The session recommended key tools to promote quality and affordability for the UHC system. The speakers of the session included:


  • Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, ISPOR Philippines Chapter President
  • Seema Haider, MSc, PhD, Senior Director, Medical Analytics and Insights
  • Beverly Lorraine Ho, MD, MPH, Special Assistant to the Secretary for Universal Health Care, Office of the Secretary, and Chief, Health Research Division, Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau, Department of Health
  • Hilton Y. Lam, PhD, MHA, Director, Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies
  • University of the Philippines, Manila
  • Emmanuel C. Perez, MD, MPH, FPCP, FPRA, Vice President, Philippine Rheumatology Association
  • Michael L. Tee, MD, MHPEd, MBA, Board Member, Philippine Rheumatology Association

Miriam Roxas-Timonera, MD, FPCP, Internal Medicine Specialist, Head, Medical Research, Adventist Medical Center


ISPOR Session on Bayesian and Markov Modelling: A Case Study on Vaccination

3 October 2018

In October, the ISPOR Philippines Chapter hosted a session on Bayesian and Markov Modelling. The activity focused on the application of computational statistics in actual healthcare problems. Using computational statistics, health policymakers are able to better quantify the cost-of-living for use in decision making.



Two methods were presented:

1. Bayesian Statistics – based from Bayes theorem, which is a mathematical formula for
determining conditional probability. It provides a way to revise existing predictions or theories
given new or additional evidence. Bayesian statistics uses observed probabilities.

P(Died|Vaccinated) = P(Died) x P(Vaccinated\Died)



2. Monte Carlo Simulation – studies a system through simulation and random sampling. It is a
system that can predict how likely the resulting outcomes are.

P(Died|Vaccinated) = Number of died and vaccinated
                                         Number of Vaccinated

A case study was used to demonstrate the 2 methods discussed: “If you’ve been vaccinated by
Vaccine A, what are the chances of dying from the disease it was trying to prevent?”

Points raised during the discussion included:

1. With newer data, the formula can be revised to increase the accuracy of results, which can better
reflect real-life scenarios. For example, if there are data on the doses (single dose vs 2 doses
vs completed vaccination), vaccine failure, these can be included in the computation.
2. Results will rely on assumptions; better data will lead to more accurate and precise results.


Health Economics and Outcomes Research: Modelling in Practice

8 August 2018, 2:00PM - 5:30PM

ISPOR Philippines Chapter held a workshop, "Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR): Modelling in Practice," that consisted of a lecture and 2 workshops. The lecture was presented by Caitlin Asjes, Head of Public Policy, Becton Dickinson. She discussed understanding the different applications for HEOR modelling, gaining practical experience, learning the basics of Markov modelling, and how to apply Excel VBA to improve model usability.

Both workshops guided participants in a theoretical experiment where participants utilized the topics discussed as well as discussed Microsoft Visual Basic Application and programming language.


Demystifying Health Technology Assessment Forum


20 June 2018, Asian Institute of Management, 4:00 PM - 6:00PM

ISPOR Philippines Chapter hosted a forum, "Demystifying Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Forum." This forum presented the current landscape of Philippine Health Technology Assessment and its impact on supporting a policy environment conducive to the attainment of universal healthcare. 

Presentations and panel discussion featured different perspectives and current HTA programs from representatives of Department of Health, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, academe and the private sector. 


Ms Diana Beatriz S. Bayani, MsC 
Health Technology Assessment and Clinical Practice Guidelines 
Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau 
Department of Health 

Ms Merla Rose Reyes 
Chief Social Insurance Officer, Benefits Development and Research Department 
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation 

Mr Carlo Irwin Panelo, MD, MA Economics
Department of Clinical Epidemiology
University of the Philippines, Manila

Mr Max Ventura 
President and CEO 
Philam Foundation, Inc  


Contact Information

Philippines Regional Chapter Office
Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, MD (UK)
Associate Professor
Department of Strategic Management Head
Stephen Zuellig School of Development Management
Asian Institute of Management
Makati City, 1229 Metro Manila, Philippines


Chapter Leadership

PresidentPura Angela Co
Secretary/TreasurerTeodoro B. Padilla, MBA
DirectorGrace Brizuela
DirectorRichard Binos



2018 ISPOR Philippines: Health Technology Assessment Demystified


2018 ISPOR Phillipines: Health Technology Assessment Demystified


Health Services and Outcomes Research Training Workshop in October 2014

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