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A New Special Interest Group for ISPOR?

Paul Kind, Quality Outcomes, York, UK

(This is a follow up to the article published in ISPOR CONNECTIONS October 15, 2006, titled, “Question for the Practising Bayesian ISPOR member...”)

ISPOR represents the ‘cream’ of the outcomes research community. It numbers within its ranks some of the finest scientists of their generation. Its research product graces the common rooms and libraries of leading institutions across the world. In a decade its meetings in North America and Europe have become pivotal points in the academic yearbook. How could such an impressive record be improved upon?

ISPOR has initiated a number of Task Forces and Special Interest Groups to serve the research needs of its members. There are regional and national ISPOR Chapters that provide local access to fellow scientists. And now ...

Paul Kind  and George Torrance

Paul Kind (l) and George Torrance (r), after the completion of a multicentre 4,000 mile observational study (previously reported in ISPOR CONNECTIONS), are proud to announce the creation of a new opportunity for ISPOR members - the formation of an ISPOR Motorcycle Special Interest Group. This hybrid is a new generic, combining the therapeutic benefits of classic antidepressants with those observed in studies of aging - increased sensory responsiveness, improvement in motor skills and heightened awareness of other road users. On May 8th, the day after the ISPOR 13th Annual International Meeting in Toronto, ON, Canada, an inaugural ride will be held from Toronto to Niagara Falls, through the back roads of Ontario - a round trip of some 200+ miles. If you're a biker and want to join this exclusive “ISPOR satellite meeting“ which will include ample opportunity for you to debate the pros and cons of SG and TTO with some of the worlds leading researchers - then this is for YOU. For details of where to rent a bike in Toronto, check out: .

For more details, contact George Torrance ( or Paul Kind ( …... But do it fast!

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