14th Annual International Meeting Released Presentations

The ISPOR RESEARCH DIGEST is an electronic database of research papers presented at ISPOR Annual International Meetings, ISPOR Annual European Congresses, ISPOR Asia-Pacific and Latin America Conferences from 1998 to date.
See: ISPOR Research Digest for contributed research podium and poster abstracts and released slide or poster presentations.

Special Interest Group Forums

ISPOR Health & Disease Management SIG Forum
Reliability & Validity of Data Sources for Health & Disease Management: Rationality in an Era of Controversy

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment SIG Forum
Health Care Decision Makers around the World : A Global Road Map and Country–specific Decision-Making and Reimbursement Processes

ISPOR HTA Council & SIG Forum
Reimbursement Policy Decision making process in the US: Private versus Public

ISPOR Medication Compliance & Persistence SIG Forum
Assessment, Determinants & Economics of Medication Compliance & Persistence

ISPOR Patient Registry SIG Forum
Patient Registry Design, Operations, Data Analysis, Reporting & Publishing: Putting All the Pieces Together

ISPOR Risk Management SIG Forum
Risk Benefit Management

Task Force Forums

ISPOR Drug Cost Task Force
Good Research Practices for Measuring Drug Costs in Cost Effectiveness Analyses

ISPOR Good Research Practices for the Retrospective Database Studies Task Force Forum
Good Research Practices on the Design And Analysis Of Non-Randomized Studies Of Treatment Effects Using Secondary Databases

ISPOR Patient Preference Methods–Conjoint Analysis Task Force
A Checklist for Good Research Practices for the Application of Conjoint Analysis in Health Care Research

ISPOR PRO Existing Instruments & Their Modification Task Force Forum
Good Research Practices on Evaluating and Documenting the Content Validity of PRO Instruments to Support Medical Product Labeling

ISPOR Quality Improvement in Cost Effectiveness Research Task Force Forum
Quality Improvement In Cost Effectiveness Research

Council Forums

ISPOR Health Science Policy Council Forum
Update on Comparative Effectiveness and Health Information Technology Legislation and Policy Developments, and Their Impact on Pharmacoeconomics

Educational Symposia

Healthcare Modeling: Simulation Modeling in Intervention Prioritization (Sponsored by Archimedes)

Once Upon a Time in Health Economics…Narrative Vs Analysis in Communication Product Value (Sponsored by Medaxial)
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The Comparative Effectiveness Research Wave: Solving Surfing Techniques (Sponsored by UBC)

ISPOR Chapter Forums

ISPOR Russia Chapter Forum
What Do We Know About Drug Supply of Russian Population? And What Do We Want…Report of the Formulary Committee of The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

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