Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Health Care Decision Making: Approaches & Applications
Sunday, 5 November 2017
13:00 - 17:00
Room: Alsh (Loch Suite)
Track: Use of Pharmacoeconomic / Economic / Outcomes Research Information
Level: Introductory The course is designed for those unfamiliar with MCDA, but who have a basic understanding of other evaluation methodologies.
Maarten J. IJzerman, PhD Maarten J. IJzerman, PhD, Professor Health Technology and Services Research, Deputy dean Health and Biomedical Technology, Department of Health Technology & Services Research, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Kevin Marsh, PhD Kevin Marsh, PhD, Executive Director, Evidera Ltd, London, UK
Nancy Devlin, PhD Nancy Devlin, PhD, Director of Research, Office of Health Economics, London, UK
Course Description:
Many health care decisions – such as portfolio optimization, benefit-risk assessment (BRA), health technology assessment (HTA), and shared decision making (SDM) – require a careful assessment of the underlying options and the criteria used to judge these options. This assessment can be challenging given the trade-offs between multiple value criteria. In light of this, many decision makers have begun investigating the use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) in support of these decisions. This course provides an introduction to MCDA for health care. The course will focus on the use of MCDA for HTA, and will be organised around the following parts: 1) Introduction to MCDA: What is it and how is it being use in HTA?; 2) Implementing MCDA 1: Practical tips when implementing MCDA; 3) Implementing MCDA 2: Methodological options when designing an MCDA; and 4) Using MCDA for HTA. Challenges and possible solutions. These parts are designed to familiarise participants with the steps involved in undertaking an MCDA, the alternative ways of implementing these steps, and good practice guidelines. The course will also review the current MCDA HTA landscape, including current use of MCDA for HTA and the challenges this poses. The course is designed for those unfamiliar with MCDA, but who have a basic understanding of other evaluation methodologies. 
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