The primary objective of the ISPOR U.S. Medical Device and Diagnostics Council is to develop and implement initiatives related to economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes assessment for medical device and diagnostics and use of this information by healthcare decision-makers.

The Medical Devices and Diagnostics Council consists of 20-25 members. The Council has representation from the following:

  • Government,
  • Medical device industry,
  • Diagnostics industry,
  • Academic institutions involved in medical device or diagnostics technology assessment,
  • Non-academic research institutions (CRO),
  • Hospital/hospital systems, or government health technology assessment organizations or technology decision-making groups,
  • AdvaMed Advanced Medical Technology Association, the medical technology association based in Washington, DC, USA)

Each Council appoints a chair or co-chairs.  The term for the chair is two years, beginning July 1 (the beginning of all ISPOR Board, Committee, & other Council terms).

Each Council communicates via email and by conference call.  The ISPOR U.S. Medical Device and Diagnostic Council meets once a year during the ISPOR Annual International Meeting. 

Minutes of the Council meetings are communicated to all Council members.  From time to time, the Chairs of both Councils (North American and European) meet via conference call to discuss the initiatives of each Council and issues of mutual interest or concern.