The primary objective of the ISPOR Biotechnology Council is to develop and implement initiatives related to economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes assessment for biotechnology products and use of this information by healthcare decision-makers.

The Biotechnology Council consists of 10-20 members. The Council will have representation from the following:

  • Biotechnology industry,
  • Academic institutions involved in biotechnology assessment,
  • Non-academic research institutions (CRO),
  • Hospital/hospital systems, or government biotechnology assessment organizations or biotechnology decision-making groups,
  • BIO (the biotechnology association based in Washington, DC, USA) and EuropaBio (which represents the Biotechnology Industry in Europe and is based in Brussels, Belgium), and other groups as determined by the Council.

The Council appoints a chair and chair-elect. The term for the chair is one year.

Each Council communicates via email and by conference call. The ISPOR staff office coordinates all conference calls. The Biotechnology Council will meet during the ISPOR Annual International Meeting held in May of each year.

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