ISPOR Institutional Council

Become a member of ISPOR’s Institutional Council and become a catalyst for collaboration and change for health care around the world.

Institutional Council Membership

The Institutional Council’s membership includes representatives from Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Device companies and service providers (such as research and data analytic groups). The heterogeneous mix of this group provides a balanced environment for engaging scientific discussion and collaboration that includes diverse topics such as addressing the challenges of value and affordability in health care and expanding the use of real-world evidence in health care decision-making. The Council’s purpose has always been to support and promote ISPOR’s mission as a professional and educational society.

Institutional Council members receive a unique set of benefits and privileges that provide access and visibility within the global HEOR community.

Gain Visibility

  • Interact and collaborate with industry peers and key stakeholder groups
  • Foster payer-industry collaboration
  • Promote awareness of Council news and events

Network with Leaders

  • Engage in collaborative environments for networking and scientific discussion
  • Collaborate with ISPOR member groups and leadership

Bundled Benefits

  • Discounted individual memberships
  • Group meeting registrations
  • Complimentary job postings in ISPOR’s new Career Center
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