ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee

Publication Committee Chair
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Giacomo Balbinotto Neto, PhD
Professor, Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics & Health Assessment Economics Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Constanza Vargas Parada

Constanza Vargas Parada, MSc
HTA Research Coordinator, Centro de Investigación Clínica UC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile

Yajaira Bastardo PhD

News Across Latin America (Consortium Newsletter) Editor-in-Chief
Yajaira Bastardo, PhD
Professor & Chair of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacy Administration School of Pharmacy
Central University of Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela

About ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee

The role of the Consortium Publication Committee is to promote the science of health economics and outcomes research in the region by producing the Consortium newsletters, News Across Latin America, translating ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research articles, books and other publications into languages in the region, and working with ISPOR editors and staff in securing regional content for publication in Value in Health, Value in Health Issues and Value & Outcomes Spotlight.

*Membership on the ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee and its subcommittees, unless otherwise indicated, is open to all Latin America Consortium members who are interested in promoting the research and publication of the science of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research in Latin America.

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