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“News Across Latin America”
December 2015 edition
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Português | Español | English

VOLUME 3 | 2 0 1 5

Issue 4 (December) | Português | Español | English

Issue 3 (September Special edition) | English

Issue 2 (June) | Português | Español | English

Issue 1 (March) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

VOLUME 2 | 2 0 1 4

Issue 4 (December) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

Issue 3 (September) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

Issue 2 (June) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

Issue 1 (March) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

VOLUME 1 | 2 0 1 3

Issue 5 (December) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

Issue 4 (October) | Português | Español | English

Issue 3 (August) | PortuguêsEspañol | English

Issue 2 (April) | Portugues  |  Español | English

Issue 1 (February) Português/Español/English

EDITORS | 2015 – 2018

2015 - 2018 Editor-in-Chief
Yajaira Bastardo, PhD Yajaira Bastardo, PhD
Professor and Chair of Pharmacoeconomics & Pharmacy Administration, Central University of Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela

2013 - 2015 Editor-in-Chief
Yajaira Bastardo, PhD

Manuel Antonio Espinoza, MD, MSc, PhD
Professor, Department of Public Health
& Coordinator, HTA Unit, Center for Clinical Research, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile and Honorary Visiting Fellow, Centre for Health Economics
University of York, York, UK

Iris Contreras, MD, MSc Iris Contreras, MD, MSc
Chief of Health Education and Research Coordination, Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital General de Zona No. 1-A"Dr. Rodolfo Antonio de Mucha Macias", Mexican Institute of Social Security, Mexico City, Mexico

Alessandra Caroline Domingos De Figueiredo, MSc Alessandra Caroline Domingos De Figueiredo, MSc
Health Economics & Pricing Associate, Amgem
São Paulo, Brazil
Francisco E. Estevez-Carrizo, MD Francisco E. Estevez-Carrizo, MD
President, Health Technology Evaluation Committee National Board of Health of the  Armed Forces (D.N.S.FF.AA.); and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Center for Biomedical Sciences,  University of Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
Márcio Machado, PhD Marcio Machado Dias Ferreira, PhD
Associate Director, Global Market Accesss, Latin America Biogen, São Paulo, Brazil
Aurelio Mejía Mejía, MSc Aurelio Mejía Mejía, MSc
Deputy Director, Health Technology
Assessment, Instituto de Evaluación Tecnológica en
Salud (IETS),
Bogotá, Colombia
Joaquín; F. Mould-Quevedo, PhD, MSc, MBA

Joaquín F. Mould-Quevedo, PhD, MSc, MBA
Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research Project Leader – Specialty Care, Global Market Access Team
Bayer Pharma AG, Berlin, Germany


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