ISPOR Short Course Program

  Saturday, 2 November and Sunday, 3 November

ISPOR Short Course Task Force Co-Chairs

Jan Busschbach PhD, Senior Researcher, iMTA, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Harry Kleintjens MBA, Senior Manager, Lilly Netherlands BV, Houten, The Netherlands
  Saturday, 2 November 2002
9.00–17.00 Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations: Methods and Applications for Decision Making
  Rotterdam Room, Westin Rotterdam
  Faculty: Lieven Annemans PhD, MMan, MSc, Director, HEDM and Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Course Description: This one-day short course is designed to teach clinicians and new researchers how to incorporate pharmacoeconomic evaluations into study design and data analysis. Participants will learn how to collect and calculate the costs and outcomes of different alternatives, and determine the economic impact of clinical outcomes. The development of prospective and retrospective economic protocols and data collection sheets will be discussed. Different modeling techniques will be demonstrated and practiced in case studies. Timing of pharmacoeconomic evaluations in the drug development process will thereby receive special attention. Guidelines for optimal conduct of these studies will be demonstrated and their practical application will be discussed. Finally, from the decision maker’s viewpoint, the way pharmacoeconomic evaluations can be used in health care policy is demonstrated with real cases. This course is suitable for those with little or some experience in the design, collection and analysis of pharmacoeconomic data.

Fifth Annual European Congress