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Title (capital letters)


Discussion Leaders
(minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 individuals from at least 2 organizations; please include name(s), degree(s), institution(s), city, state, & country)

Discussion Leaders: Bong-Min Yang PhD, Professor, Seoul National University, School of Public Health, Seoul, South Korea, South Korea; Q. Chau Tini Nguyen PharmD, AP Director, Sanofi-Aventis, Paris, France, France; Shu-Chuen Li Ph, D/MBA, Associate Professor, Pharmacy, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Shanlian Hu MD, MSc, Professor, School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Workshop purpose (objective of a workshop)

PURPOSE: To review current status of burden of illness (BoI) study in Asia-Pacific region and to discuss for the way to use it appropriately for healthcare policy setting.

Workshop description (provide a clear description of the topic including background information & audience participation)

DESCRIPTION: In BoI studies, health problems are usually weighed by expressing epidemiologic results (e.g. incidence, prevalence and mortality) and overall costs. Usually its aim is to inform choices in resource allocation by estimating resource consequences of health problems in relation to each other. BoI studies have been used to highlight and to weight different health problems for comparative purposes, both within a national context and internationally. In this workshop, audience will have introductory overview 1) BoI research trend at one targeted diseases area in AP with various methodology 2) the criteria used to set up priority in public health in western countries and/or AP region (example from Korea, Singapore, Australia) under the common ground. 3) Example of priority setting in healthcare policy with BoI data. Furthermore, through discussions with the audience, the workshop intends to exchange opinions in searching for the way of prioritizing health resource use, based on real BoI data in the AP setting.


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