ISPOR 2nd Latin America Conference Released Presentations


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First Plenary Session
» Presentation
» Health Care Reimbursement Systems Matrix
Second Plenary Session
» Presentation
Educational Symposium: Reimbursement Review Process Across America
(Sponsored by Millcreek Outcomes Group, LLC, with an unrestricted education grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb)
» Introduction
» Argentina
» Colombia
» Brazil
» México
Educational Symposium: Value of Vaccination – Time to Wake Up!
(Sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur)
» Introduction
» Vaccination: How much health can money buy?
» Immunization, Health & Economic Growth

Educational Symposium: Models for Reimbursement for Oncology Products in Latin American Countries:
The Perspective of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico
(Sponsored by Pfizer)
» Brazil
» Colombia


Educational Symposium: Learnings and Application to Health Technology Assessment in Latin America
(Sponsored by Lilly)
» Presentation

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