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Moderator: Ami Buikema, MPH

Speakers: Alyssa Goolsby Hunter, MA , Rachel Halpern, PhD, MPH, Michael Johnson, MS , and Lincy S. Lal, PhD, PharmD

This webinar will explore the value and challenges of linking administrative claims data to additional data sources in order to provide a more comprehensive look at the patient journey through a disease state. Data linkage types, techniques and best practices will be discussed.

Supplemental datasets described during the webinar will include:

  • primary data collected from direct-to-patient surveys and medical chart abstraction;
  • National Death Index data;
  • electronic health record data; and
  • clinical prior-authorization data.

The ability of each to add depth to observational study outcomes will be examined through specific examples.

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the limitations of using only claims data for research and the value of adding the four unique supplementary datasets described;
  • Appreciate the complexity of linking data sources from both technical and compliance perspectives, including requirements to protect patient privacy;
  • Recognize requisite characteristics of a strong matching process; and
  • Discuss or generate ideas for studies conducted with claims-linked data sources.

This webinar is open to all, members and non-members.

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Ami Buikema, MPH
Prinicpal Consultant, HEOR
Optum, Minnesota, USA


Alyssa Goolsby Hunter, MA
Director and Therapeutic Lead, Primary Data Collection, HEOR
Optum, Minnesota, USA

Rachel Halpern, PhD, MPH
Director and Therapeutic Lead, Central Nervous
System and Behavioral Health, HEOR
Optum, Minnesota, USA

Michael Johnson, MS
Senior Lead Analyst, HEOR
Optum, Minnesota, USA

Lincy S. Lal, PhD, PharmaDDirector and Therapeutic Lead, Oncology, HEOR
Optum, Texas, USA

Please note: On the day of the scheduled webinar, the first 500 registered participants will be accepted into the webinar. For those who are unable to attend, or would like to review the webinar at a later date, the full-length webinar recording will be made available at the ISPOR Educational Webinar Series webpage approximately 2 weeks after the scheduled Webinar.

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