Use the power of ISPOR's reach and reputation to bring your message directly to the global HEOR community.

ISPOR's sponsored webinars provide a unique opportunity to reach and educate a targeted audience of HEOR researchers and decision makers.

Sponsored webinars reach 25,000+ global HEOR professionals and are a proven way to leverage ISPOR’s reach and reputation. Become part of a select group of leading-edge companies, who understand the value of digital outreach to influence and educate a targeted audience of HEOR decision makers.

Your Webinar content is available through a live, interactive webinar and through our the ISPOR virtual Llibrary of on-demand webinars, available on-demand 24/7.


Webinar content is available through a live, interactive webinar and through the ISPOR virtual library of on-demand webinars.

  • Reach a Worldwide Audience: Members and contacts represent 110+ countries
  • Attract Highly Educated HEOR Professionals: 63% of ISPOR members have a PhD, MD, or PharmD
  • Target Decision Makers: 46% of ISPOR members are CEOs, managers, professors, principals, managing partners, chief medical officers, or pharmacists
  • Influence Industry Leaders: Employees of the top 55  biopharmaceutical companies maintain ISPOR memberships

Webinar Criteria:

  • Webinars must be educational in nature and contain no overt product or company promotion.

Webinar Benefits:

  • Attendee demographics, including job titles; country, and company:
  • Post-event email customized with a follow-up message with contact info
  • Management, marketing, and hosting of the webinar

ISPOR sponsored webinars make it easy for you to Connect. Educate. Influence.


  • 1 Webinar: $8,000
  • 2 Webinars: $14,500
  • 3 Webinars: $21,000

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