Since ISPOR launched regional HTA Roundtables, each regional group has recognized and documented the need for capacity building in HTA (globally and through the regions). Each HTA Roundtable has reported that opportunity exists for ISPOR to assume a leadership role in capacity building and training around the world and those credible, comprehensive, and flexible programs would be highly desirable. Summaries of relevant regional discussions are below:

Recognizing capacity building needs were universal across all ISPOR regions, the ISPOR HTA Council in 2013 began to discuss how ISPOR could respond to similar but unique needs in each part of the world. Council meetings enabled shared understanding of global and regional HTA capacity building needs and considered a number of approaches which would eliminate the potential for redundancy of effort and investment in HTA training. Following intensive discussion, the HTA Council, over the course of several meetings, recommended that all ISPOR HTA capacity building efforts be aligned through the development of a comprehensive and highly credible ISPOR-branded training program.

The group envisioned the workshop/training to be adaptable to regional needs in Asia, Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Africa, as well as in Western Europe and North America.

An HTA Council led Task Force was developed to ensure the development of the ISPOR HTA Training Program materials. Materials were reviewed by members of the HTA Council, HTA Roundtables, the ISPOR Board of Directors, the Institutional Council, as well as Regional experts (in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe). The extensive peer review ensures the credibility of the material, as well as adaptability to various target audiences and regions.

The ISPOR HTA Training Program held its pilot in Zagreb, Croatia and took place over 3 ½ days from June 20, 2015 to June 23, 2015. It included 27 participants from 13 Central and Eastern European countries.

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