ISPOR—the professional society for health economics and outcomes research—invites credentialed journalists to cover its scientific conferences and events.  

Press passes are available for journalists and correspondents representing newspapers, news programs, industry newsletters, and business publications that operate within the scope of ISPOR's mission and objectives. Some examples include, but are not limited to: 

PM360 | AJMC | The Gold Sheet  |  PharmAsia News  |  The Gray Sheet  |  The Pink Sheet  |  The Silver Sheet  |  BioPharm Insight  |  Health News Daily |  Politico Pro Healthcare  |  Pharmaceutical Approvals Monthly  |  APM Health Europe  |  Medtech Insight  |  Health 2.0 Latin America 

ISPOR Press Pass Benefits 

An ISPOR Press Pass entitles the recipient to one complimentary registration to attend the Virtual Signal Series event on September 27, 2022.

ISPOR Press Pass Application Deadline for SignalNew Insights into ATMP Valuation and Outcomes-Based Pricing Experience is Friday, September 16.

To apply for a press pass, email ISPOR Communications.  

ISPOR will contact you to confirm your request and to provide further information. 

Members of the media are requested to send ISPOR examples of their coverage after the event. We ask that the event name and date be appropriately credited (eg, "from ISPOR Signal SeriesNew Insights into ATMP Valuation and Outcomes-Based Pricing Experience held September 27, 2022”) in all media coverage, including print news stories, e-newsletters, web postings, blogs, and/or video coverage. The first reference to ISPOR should be written as "ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research," after which "ISPOR" can be used. All print, broadcast, and electronic media clips/write-ups, etc, should be sent by email to ISPOR Communications. ISPOR does not share, rent, or distribute media registration information.

ISPOR supports the promotion of research presented at its conferences, while safeguarding sensitive information, data, and research findings that are not yet available to the public. Due to the sensitive and preliminary nature of data and unpublished research findings, all filming (photos + video) and recording of scientific sessions is prohibited during the conference/event. Conference/event attendees must gain approval from the speakers prior to quoting or publishing that individual's scientific results. Members of the press must identify themselves as such before questioning speakers and attendees if using the information in a professional capacity. 

ISPOR's Embargo and Legal policies must be noted.