A New, Exclusive, Invitational Regional Health Policy Summit

The ISPOR Latin America Regional Health Policy Summit is an exclusive, invitational event that convenes key healthcare stakeholders, such as payers, academicians, researchers, patient representatives, technology producers, etc to debate key health policy issues and challenges in Latin America. The Regional Health Policy Summit will be held immediately prior to ISPOR Latin America 2019 on 11 September 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.

The Regional Health Policy Summit will offer a full day of thought-provoking discussions and provide a unique opportunity for stakeholders from the public and private sectors to convene, create effective networking, and exchange ideas about health policy in the region. This Regional Health Policy Summit is open on an invitational basis only for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Exclusive partnership opportunities are available for the ISPOR Latin America Regional Health Policy Summit. Please email us for more information.

ISPOR Latin America Regional Health Policy Summit Advisors:

  • Lizbeth Acuña Merchán , MBA, MSc – Colombia
  • Federico Augustovski , MD, MSc, PhD - Argentina
  • Cesar Cruz Santiago , MSc, PhD, MD - México
  • Ramiro Gilardino, MD, MSc  -  U.S.A
  • Aurelio Mejía, MSc - Colombia
  • Ariosto Matus Perez, MPA, MSc - México
  • Lucila Rey Ares, MD, MSc - Argentina


  • Hector Castro, MD, MSc, PhD – Washington, DC, USA
  • Manuel Espinoza, MD, MSc, PhD – Santiago, Chile
  • Jan Weinreich, PhD – Bazel, Switzerland

Participating Institutions

  • Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar, Brazil
  • Cuenta de Alto Costo, Colombia
  • Colombian Hearth Foundation, Colombia (invited)
  • Health Assessment Unit, Ministry of Health, Uruguay
  • Institute for Clinical Effectiveness & Health Policy (IECS), Argentina
  • Institute of Technology Assessment in Health, (IETS), Colombia
  • Latin Society of Pulmonary Hypertension, USA
  • Me Muevo Foundation, Chile
  • Ministry of Health, Colombia
  • Ministry of Health, Chile (Invited)
  • National Center of Technology Excellence in Health, CENETEC, Ministry of Health, Mexico
  • National Commission of Health Technology assessment – Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Argentina
  • National Commission for Technologies Incorporation (CONITEC), Ministry of Health of Brazil
  • National Direction of Scientific and Technology development, Ministry of Health, Costa Rica
  • National Health Institute, Ministry of Health, Peru
  • National Health Resources Fund, Uruguay
  • State Health Services Administration (ASSE), Uruguay