Connecting With Attendees

Zoom Session Q&A
Q&A will be managed through the Zoom platform

Issue Panels, Workshops, and Symposia presentations should allow for 10 minutes at the end of their session for audience Q&A.  The Q&A would begin immediately following the last presentation.  We encourage questions to be answered verbally with a brief repeat of the question so that they are captured on the video recording.

Attendees can ask questions by clicking on the Q & A icon.

A Pop-Up window will appear for the attendee to type in a question.
As a moderator/panelist you will see an indicator over the Q&A icon indicating the number of questions.
When you click in the Q&A icon a window with the question will open on your screen and different choices will appear under each question:

Answer live – this will cue the question to be answered live on air.
Type answer: panelists will have the opportunity to type in an answer that will not be discussed live on air.
Dismiss answer: In case question or a question not pertaining to the subject appears, you can dismiss the question