Mondher Toumi, MD, PhD, MSc
Professor, Public Health
Faculté de Médecine, Laboratoire de Santé Publique, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France
Professor Mondher Toumi is a MD by training and holds two MSc in Biostatistics, and in Biological Sciences (option pharmacology) and a PhD in Economic Sciences. He is Professor of Public Health at Aix-Marseille University. After working for 12 years as a Research Manager in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Marseille, he joined the Public Health Department in 1993. In 1995, he entered the pharmaceutical industry and worked there for 13 years. Mondher Toumi was appointed Global Vice President at Lundbeck A/S in charge of health economics, outcome research, pricing, market access, epidemiology, risk management, governmental affairs, and competitive intelligence. In 2008, he founded Creativ-Ceutical, an international consulting firm dedicated to support health industries and authorities in strategic decision-making. In February 2009 he was appointed Professor at Lyon I University in the Department of Decision Sciences and Health Policies. The same year, he was appointed Director of the Chair of Public Health and Market Access. He launched the first European University Diploma of Market Access (EMAUD) an international course already followed by more than 350 students. Additionally, he recently created the Market Access Society to promote research and scientific activities around market access, public health and health economic assessment. Since 2009, he also Chaired the Annual Market Access Day, a purely academic event. He is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Market Access and Health Policy (JMAHP), which is PubMed index. Since September 2014, he joined the research unit EA3279 of the Public Health Department, at Aix-Marseille University (France) as Full Professor. Mondher Toumi is also Visiting Professor at Beijing University (Third Hospital). He has been an active member of ISPOR from its creation. He served as co-Chair of the Research Review Committee ISPOR Europe in 2012 and 2013. He contributed to Short Courses in ISPOR Asia and Europe. He is member of the Editorial Board of Value and Outcome Spotlight. From 2010 he contributed to ISPOR conferences with 196 posters and podium presentations and 11 issue panels and workshops. He co-Chaired two consecutive SIGs on orphan drugs. He also supported ISPOR African and Nigerian Chapter. He is a recognized expert in health economics and an authority on market access and risk management. He has more than 200 scientific publications and oral communications, and has contributed to several books. He just finished a book on Market Access soon to be available