Hendrik (Erik) Koffijberg, PhD
Associate Professor, Health Technology and Services Research
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Dr H. (Erik) Koffijberg, PhD, MSc, is an Associate Professor in the field of Health Technology Assessment at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Dr Koffijberg has published > 90 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, and secured > 4M€ in funding for research on methods, and on applications, in the field of health technology assessment. He has performed applied research in this field, such as cost-effectiveness, risk-benefit, and budget impact analyses. He also also contributed extensively to methodological research in this field, amongst others he has developed methods for 1) (early) HTA of new tests and clinical prediction rules; 2) optimizing screening strategies, regarding the timing of diagnostic tests; 3) identifying patient heterogeneity to tailor interventions to patient subgroups; 4) prioritizing research, based on systematic reviews and meta-analyses. His work focuses foremost on impact assessment of diagnostic technologies on healthcare and healthcare delivery, in the medical fields of cardiology, neurology and oncology. Dr. Koffijberg teaches BSc, MSc, and postgraduate (external) courses on topics such as Health Technology Assessment, Health Economic Modeling, Biostatistics, and Advanced Diagnostic Research. He has been/is PI in several large (international) research consortia: HEART-Impact trial (Effect of Using the HEART Score in Patients With Chest Pain in the Emergency Department); CREW study (Dutch National Consortium to Promote Cardiovascular Healthy Aging in Women); TANGO study (Systems modeling of the nation-wide organization of WGS in the Netherlands); RED-CVD study (Reviving Early Diagnosis of CardioVascular Disease). Dr. Koffijberg is member of the Dutch assessment committee for grant proposals on Efficient & Safer drug use (GGG), the board of the Dutch Society for Health Economics (VGE), the ISPOR taskforce group on VOI analysis, and the multi-stakeholder Value of Diagnostic Information Platform.