Ansgar Hebborn, PhD
Head, HTA & Payment Policy, Global Pricing & Market Access (GPMA)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Ansgar Hebborn is Roche Pharma's Head of Global HTA & Payment Policy based in Basel, Switzerland. In this role he focuses on current approaches to HTA, pricing and reimbursement decision making frameworks, their impact on pharmaceutical innovation and patient access as well as their future evolution.

Dr. Hebborn is a member and active contributor to national and international pharmaceutical policy forums, as well as professional associations. He currently represents Roche in relevant industry associations e.g. in Brussels as the chair of EFPIA’s European HTA Working Group. During the past few years, Dr. Hebborn has taken an active role as advisor and stakeholder representative in various HTA collaboration networks e.g. EU HTA Network, EUnetHTA and the HTAi Policy Forum Committee, and also has been involved in the foundation of other initiatives in this field e.g. the Green Park Collaborative, the HTAi Asia Policy Forum and SwissHTA. He has been a member of the ISPOR Board of Directors in the past and has led the research work stream of ISPOR Vision 2020 project with focus on future ISPOR research priorities for the years ahead.

During his career with Roche, Dr. Hebborn has had a range of different global roles related to pricing, market access, health economics and outcomes research, based in Switzerland and the US. He led small and large multidisciplinary teams in all major disease areas tasked with the development of global pricing and reimbursement strategies as well as the accompanying clinical, health economic and other outcomes research programs.