Andrew Lloyd, DPhil
Acaster Lloyd Consulting Ltd., London, UK
Andrew Lloyd is the Director of Acaster Lloyd Consulting Ltd, an outcomes research consultancy. Andrew has previously been the VP and Practice Lead at ICON PLC for 4 years, and a Director at Oxford Outcomes and United BioSource Corporation. Prior to 2001 Andrew had academic positions in Leicester, Oxford, and Aberdeen. His main research interests are in the assessment of patient-reported outcomes.  Andrew’s work is concerned with assessing HRQL and patient preferences to support economic submissions for reimbursement to bodies like NICE. Andrew sits on the Executive Committee of the EuroQol group. He undertakes teaching at ISPOR and the University of York.  He is a co-Editor at Value in Health. Andrew has undertaken work in a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology, diabetes, asthma, and vascular disease. These projects have included assessments of quality of life; utility estimation; determination of patient preferences through discrete choice experiments; and development and validation of novel patient reported outcomes. He completed his DPhil in the Psychology Department at the University of York in 1997. Andrew has published over 85 peer reviewed articles in journals including: Medical Decision Making, Lancet, Value in Health, British Journal of Cancer and others. He has been keynote speaker at national and international conferences. He was the research co-Chair at the ISPOR European Conference in 2009. Andrew has supervised PhD students in the UK and US.