Why Attend

ISPOR launched the inaugural episode of the new ISPOR virtual series Signal, "Next Gen Innovation: 'How To' from the US Department of Veteran Affairs" on April 27, 2021. 

Innovation has been widely advocated as the solution to the healthcare’s rising costs and unsatisfying outcomes. However, an abundance of innovative healthcare products and practices neither produced dramatic improvements in care nor spread at the pace and scale needed to transform care or materially bend the healthcare cost curve. What needs to be done in development and deployment of  innovation in healthcare so that it is translated in improved outcomes and produces sustainable results
across the healthcare system?

Dr Ryan Vega, chief officer, Healthcare Innovation and Learning, Veterans Health Administration (VHA), USA  and Dr Kenneth W. Kizer, chief healthcare transformation officer and senior executive vice president at Atlas Research, USA, presented and discussed a model for supporting the entire life cycle of innovation in a large and highly complex integrated health system, bringing their insights and learnings from the VHA Innovation Ecosystem implementation. Dr Scott Ramsey, director of the Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, USA, and past president of ISPOR, hosted the conversation and brought health economics and outcome research (HEOR) perspectives to the dialogue.

This episode will provide concrete examples of workable solutions and the practice of innovation, including discussion on:
  • Approaches to enable, operationalize, and scale innovation and strategies to apply an ecosystem model of innovation in a highly complex integrated health system
  • Ways to support the entire life cycle of innovation
  • Insights on aspects of process innovation at the healthcare system level that can affect the value proposition for specific innovative technologies and novel delivery practices
  • Foresight on how to develop futureproofed HEOR practice and market access functions