Jeroen Jansen, PhD
Lead Scientific Advisor of the Open Source Value Project (OSVP)
Innovation and Value Initiative

Jeroen P Jansen is Lead Scientific Advisor of the Open Source Value Project (OSVP) at the Innovation and Value Initiative. The OSVP is a collaborative and iterative process for the development of transparent open-source cost-effectiveness models and other tools for value assessment of medical interventions. Dr. Jansen is also Adjunct Professor of Health Research & Policy (Epidemiology) at Stanford University and Chief Scientist for Evidence Synthesis & Decision Modeling at the Precision Medicine Group.


Dr. Jansen has 15 years of research experience in the areas of epidemiology, evidence synthesis, and cost-effectiveness evaluations in a variety of disease states. His current research interests are statistical methods for evidence synthesis and the development of open-source simulation and decision models. He has published both applied and methods research in his areas of expertise and is widely cited. Notable contributions are the development of synthesis methods to overcome the typical challenges in cost-effectiveness evaluations characterized by gaps in the evidence base and complex evidence structures. Furthermore, Dr. Jansen led initiatives to develop guidance for consumers and producers of network meta-analysis studies. He is co-author of a textbook on network meta-analysis for decision-making and was associate editor for the Journal for Research Synthesis Methods.


Dr. Jansen has a PhD in epidemiology from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands.