Aline Silveira Silva, MSc, PhD
Researcher, Patient Advocate and Partner, Project Co-Lead & Steering Committee Member
Patient Voices Network, HTAi Patient & Citizen Involvement in HTA, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Aline Silveira Silva has been working with and researching Patient & Public Involvement in HTA for over 10 years. She is a researcher and independent patient advocate and partner, member of the HTAi Patient and Citizen Interest Group (HTAi PCIG) Steering Committee, Co-Lead of the HTAi PCIG Project “Stakeholders perspectives of Impact of Patient Involvement in HTA” and part of the Patient Voices Network, BC, Canada.

Recently, she was a Visiting International Research Student at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), where she worked as a research assistant for Patient Oriented Research at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation (C2E2, UBC). 

Previously, she was a technical advisor for Health Technology Assessment in the Brazilian Ministry of Health, having worked with Indigenous Health and for the National Committee for Technology Incorporation (Conitec), with activities related to patient and public involvement, public relations, communications, project managing, training and knowledge translation.