Juan Marcos Gonzalez, PhD
Assistant Professor, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Duke University, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC, USA

Dr. Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine. He is an expert in the design of stated-preference survey instruments and the use of advanced statistical tools to analyze stated-preference data. His research has focused on two main areas: 1) transparency in benefit-risk evaluations of medical interventions, and 2) elicitation of health preferences from multiple stakeholders to support shared decision making.

Dr. Gonzalez Co-led the first FDA-sponsored preference study. The study was highlighted in FDA’s recent precedent-setting guidance for submitting patient-preference evidence to inform regulatory benefit-risk evaluations of new medical devices. More recently, Dr. Gonzalez collaborated with the Medical Devices Innovation Consortium (MDIC) to prepare the first catalog of preference-elicitation methods suitable for benefit-risk assessments of medical devices. The catalog was part of the Patient-Centered Benefit-Risk Assessment Framework developed by MDIC. As a core group member of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Conjoint Analysis Task Force, Dr. Gonzalez helped draft good-practice recommendations for statistical analysis, interpretation, and reporting of health preference data. Dr. Gonzalez is the current Chair of the ISPOR special interest group on stated-preference research.