David Gebben, PhD
David Gebben
Assistant Professor, Calvin University
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

David Gebben, PhD is a research economist focusing on stated preference methods applied within a health care context. Specifically, how stated preference methods can advance regulatory science to inform benefit risk evaluations, clinical trial endpoints, and inform ordering of patient priorities. Currently David works at Calvin University, and previously he has worked at the FDA, and prior to joining the Federal government he worked at RTI Health Solutions assisting and helping oversee studies sponsored by industry. Prior to working in a health context, David completed a post-doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast studying preferences for invasive plant species management. David completed his PhD at Colorado State University with Dr. John Loomis and completed his MS and Michigan State University with Dr. Frank Lupi. Prior to graduate school David worked in international development, completing a 2.5-year internship in Haiti.