Lotte Steuten, PhD, MSc
Vice-President and Head of Consulting at the Office of Health Economics
London, UK
Lotte Steuten, PhD, is Vice-President and Head of Consulting at the Office of Health Economics and Honorary Visiting Professor at City, University of London, UK. After graduating cum laude with her PhD from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, Lotte has been active in the HEOR field for over 15 years in various academic roles and executive functions (non-profit and for-profit).

To inform better decisions based on independent research and analysis, Lotte worked effectively with pharmaceutical industry, technology assessors, payers and policy makers, (academic) researchers, clinical and patient representatives as well as capital investors. Notably, her international career-path, including the UK, the US and the Netherlands, has provided her with deep insights in the fundamental differences as well as commonalities between the role of HEOR in different healthcare systems, cultural and societal values.

Over the past decade, Lotte has been leading diverse teams; developing strategies and delivering on program or company missions, values and objectives; acquiring funding and managing budgets; and been responsible for executive decision-making as well as legal and fiduciary matters. In her current role at the Office of Health Economics she is responsible for the research-led consulting program, making sure to maintaining OHE's stellar reputation for objective, innovative and high-quality research and analysis globally, as well as meeting its charitable objectives. In addition, she is a professor at City, University of London, contributing to their Master and PhD programs. Before joining OHE, Lotte worked as an Associate Member at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute and Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle (US), where she currently holds affiliate appointments.