Ben Osborn
UK Country Manager and Managing Director
After graduating  from  Leeds University  with  a BSc in  Physiology  and  Sports  Science,  Ben joined  Pfizer in  1998. He  started  out  as a  representative  and  from  there  his career  took  him  through  a  variety  of leadership  roles  in  both Sales  and  Marketing. In  2007,  Ben took  an  opportunity  to  move  into Oncology, driven by  his desire to  work  in a field  which  gave  him  the  opportunity  to  combine  his scientific,  customer  and  commercial  skills. He  then joined the  Regional EU  Commercial team  in  Pfizer  Oncology.  In  2012, Ben  became  UK  Head of  Pfizer  Oncology  where  was heavily  involved in  shaping  UK  cancer  policy  through  his work  with government,  PAGs and  as  a  co-chair  of  the industry  body’s cancer  group. During  his tenure  he successfully  led the  organisation  to  gain  access for patients  to  innovative  cancer  medicines through both NICE and  the Cancer  Drugs Fund. He  also  sat  on  the ‘NHS Molecular Diagnostics  in  Cancer working  group’ and  the  South London  Academic  Health Science  Network  as  the industry representative. In  April  2015,  Ben  was  promoted  to  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  Pfizer  Innovative  Health where  he  led the  marketing  organisation  across Europe,  Japan,  Korea and  ANZ. He  is passionate  about  developing a strong  organisational culture  and  mind  set  of unlocking  access  to  ensure  more  patients benefit from  our  innovation  and  science.  Most  recently  he  has been  appointed  UK  Country  Manager  and Managing  Director for  Pfizer UK. Ben is  married  to  Nicola  and  they  have  three  children.  He’s  also  a  keen runner  competing  as  often  as time  allows.