Join more than 5000 global healthcare leaders at ISPOR Europe 2019 – an energizing meeting ground for sound science, robust methodology, relevant policy discussions, and multistakeholder perspectives.

ISPOR Europe 2019 in Copenhagen offers opportunities to debate value in healthcare beyond cost-containment and short-term interventions – strategic perspectives, scientific validity and diverse global experiences.  During the five days of the conference you will:

Learn about digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation in healthcare and explore their impact on HEOR.

Present and debate your research results and ideas in an open and neutral environment.

Advance your career while staying current on emerging trends and attending short courses.

Engage with recognized global experts and network with colleagues, collaborators, and clients.

Trending topics at the conference include:

●Real-World Evidence ●Digital Health ●Health Technology Assessment ●Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ●Clinical Outcomes Assessment ●Patient Preferences ●Biosimilars ●Rare Disease ●Gene Therapies and Curative Treatments ●Medical Devices ●Health State Utilities ●Oncology ●Patient Engagement ●Patient-Reported Outcomes ●Big Data Analysis ●Drug Pricing ●Value Assessment ●Alternative Payment Models ●Methods and Modeling for Decision-Making ●Predictive Analytics ●Universal Health Coverage

ISPOR is the leading scientific and educational organization for HEOR and its use in healthcare decision-making. The ISPOR sphere of influence engages global leaders in the world-wide HEOR community, including policy makers, regulators, researchers, academicians, health technology developers, payers, healthcare providers, and patient groups. The diversity in work environments, and regional and international scope of attendance provide excellent networking opportunities and stimulating discussions and debate.