The ISPOR Research Presentation Podium and Poster Awards were established in 1998 to recognize the scientific merit of podium and poster presentations of the ISPOR Annual International Meetings, Annual European Congresses, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Conferences.

This year, the ISPOR judges evaluated podium presentations and nominated poster presentations. All podium presentations are considered for an award. Poster presentations in the top 10%, based on abstract review score, are considered and eligible for a poster presentation award. 
Evaluations of scientific merit were based upon the following criteria:

  • Background provides appropriate perspective / context for the subject
  • Objectives / research questions are clearly stated
  • Research design / methods / modeling is appropriate and transparent (scores on this will determine winners in case of ties)
  • Data sources and/or sampling procedures are clear and appropriate
  • Data analyses are appropriate
  • Research objectives are met/addressed
  • Implications of findings are discussed
  • Factual information is kept separate from interpretations or implications
  • Abstract is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Clarity of presentation




Best General Poster Research Presentations


Hansoo Kim

Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia, Mulgrave, Australia

PCN177: Cost Utility Analysis (CUA) of Novalumab Compared to Everolimus for the Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) in Australia

Emma Jonsson

Quantify Research, Stockholm, Sweden

PMS13: Risk of Major Osteoporic Fracture (hip, Vertebral, Radius, Humerus [MOF]) after First, Second, and Third Fragility Fracture in a Swedish General Population Cohort

Colin H. Ridyard

Bangor University, Bangor, UK

PMD58: Continuous Subsutaneous Infusion Versus Multiple Dose injection of Insulin for Newly-Diagnosed T1D Paediatric Patients: a Cpst-Utility Analysis


Best Student Poster Research Presentations


Julian Witte

Bielefeld University, School of Public Health, Bielefeld, Germany

PCN249: Subjective Financial Burden Among German Cancer Patients - Relationship of the Patient's Economic Situation and Subjective Distress

Viola Gräfe

School of Public Health, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany

PMH28: Internet Based Treatment of Depressive Symptoms - A Health Economic Evaluation of Costs and Benefits

Laura A. Clark

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, USA

PSY43: Burden of Renal Transplant Among A Cohort of US Medicare Beneficiaries with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease


Best New Investigator Poster Research Presentations


Julia Altevers

Xcenda GmbH, Hannover, Germany

PCV34: Survival Difference in Heart Failure Patients With and Without Iron Deficiency/Anemia and By Oral and Intravenous Iron Treatment

Gengshi Chen

Costello Medical Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UK

PMD156: Does the Nice Diagnostics Assessment Programme Use an Empirical ICER Threshold?

Christoph Paul Klapproth

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

PRM157: Predicting EQ-5D Index Scores From PROMIS Profile 29 in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany




Best General Podium Presentations


Pallavi B. Rane

Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

AD4: Predictive Analysis for Identifying Patient Characteristics Associated with Primary Medication Nonadherence for Lipid Lowering Therapies

Lutz Vollmer

MArS- Market Access & Pricing Strategy GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany

SY1: Psoriasis Drugs In Europe - Market Access Decisions in Comparison Based on the Prism Access Database

Elodie de Bock

Mapi, Patient Centered Outcomes, Lyon, France

AD1: Exploring Factors Explaining Treatment Acceptance in Patients Suffering from a Chronic Disease


Best Student Podium Research Presentations


Oliver Damm

School of Public Health, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany

IN4: Cost- Effectiveness of Additional Vaccination of Boys Against HPV in Germany

Ciaran N. Kohli-Lynch

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

CV2: A Framework for the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Novel Biomarker Testing in Cardiovascular Disease

László Szilberhorn

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary

IN2: Cost-Effectiveness and Modeling Approaches of Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection: A systematic Literature Review


Best New Investigator Podium Research Presentations


Silvia Dombrowski

QuintilesIMS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

AD3: Factors Associated with an Adherence with Anti-Epileptic Drugs in Children Treated in Pediatric Practices in Germany

Necdet B. Gunsoy

GSK, Uxbridge, UK

PP2: Choice of Instrument Impacts Healthcare Decisions: Effect of Source of Utility Derived from the Same Patient Population on Cost-Effectiveness

J Veldwijk

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

PP1: Mimicking Real Life Decision-Making in Health: Allowing Respondent Time-to-Think in a Discrete Choice Experiment

ISPOR would like to thank all the judges who have volunteered their time and efforts during the meeting to score podium and poster research presentations.