Mohsen George, MD
Vice President, Health Insurance Organization
First Undersecretary, Ministry of Health

Mohsen George, MD, is Vice President of Health Insurance Organization (HIO) in Egypt since January 2014, previously serving as Chief Medical Officer of HIO for three years.

Dr. George has several areas of experience in addition to Health Insurance systems, including Training and Education, Quality in Healthcare, and Health financing.

He studied management at American University, Harvard School of Public Health, George Mason University, Indian Institute of Management, Flagship Program by World Bank Institute and National Institute of Public Health of Japan.

He is the General & Laparoscopic Surgery Consultant, and member of the General Surgery Scientific Council of both, the Egyptian Fellowship Board, and the Arab Board of Health Specializations.

Dr. George also is a member of the European Pathway Association, the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Care Pathway, and the Advisory Board of the Journal of the Arab Board of Health Specializations.