Maha El Rabbat, MSc, PhD
Maha El Rabbat
Professor of Public Health at Cairo University

Maha El Rabbat, MSc, PhD is a professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

El Rabbat is an Ex–Minister of Health and Population for the government of Egypt, presently serving as the Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum (MENA HPF), a regional NGO with a regional mandate. Through her position and within the forum’s mandate, she seeks to strengthen health systems for human development particularly in lower and middle income countries and those in fragile contexts to support regional efforts toward the progressive realization of right-to-health and universal healthcare through expansion of evidence-based policy platform, knowledge exchange, networking, research, and capacity building.

She has held several high-level academic and leadership positions as the Head of the Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, and worked closely with national, regional, and international organizations as an expert in health system strengthening, governance, system wide assessments and reform.

El Rabbat is a member of several national and regional networks including OIC networks, and EMRO research consortium.