Conference Presentations

Educational Symposia

  • S1 : Educational Symposium "How Real World Evidence Can Inform And Improve Healthcare Decision-Making In The Middle East?" Sponsored by Amgen
  • S4 : Educational Symposium "Time To Re-Think Approaches To Patient Centricity: Why Developments In Data Availability, Access To Medicines & Company Pipelines Demand This" Sponsored by IQVIA
  • S5 : Educational Symposium "Harnessing The Power Of Partnership And Real World Data To Accelerate Patients Access To Innovative Treatment: The MENA Experience" Sponsored by CCHO


  • IP1 : Role of HEOR in Decision Making: Global Knowledge for Local Application
  • IP5 : Improving Access to Innovative Health Technologies
  • IP7 : Pricing and Reimbursement: Issues and Challenges
  • IP8 : HTA Implementation Roadmap in the Middle East and North Africa


  • ESM2 : Educational Seminar: Introduction to Health Economics
  • ESM3 : Educational Seminar: Introduction to HTA

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