Netnapis Suchonwanich
Senior Advisor
Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), Bangkok, Thailand
Mrs. Netnapis Suchonwanich is Former Deputy Secretary-General of National Health Security Office in Thailand, graduated her Bachelor degree in Pharmacy and Master degree in IT Management. She played a key role in Universal Coverage Scheme in Thailand since 2002. During the times, she was the pioneer in health insurance information systems development at National Health Security Office and developed many core applications needed for UHC such as Beneficiaries enrollment system, Provider registration, Medicines and medical devices administration, Financial and accounting system, Electronic claim system with automatic financial tracking process.

In 2009, she started to collaborate with Government Pharmaceutical Organization for establishment the central procurement with Vendor managed inventory program for high costly medicines, vaccines listed in national priority program finally extended to National Antidotes program in the year 2011. From the experiences in universal health care administration, she has been nominated as member for National Essential Drug Subcommittee and chairs for price negotiation working group for competitive medicines submitted to be Essential medicines in Thailand. Currently, she has participated as a Temporary Advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) in developing the Guideline on Country Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy.