Kwang Hyub Han, MD, PhD
National Evidence-Based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA), Seoul, South Korea
Dr. Kwang Hyub Han is the president of National Evidence-Based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA), the leading Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agency in Korea. Based on his 30 year experience as a clinical expert, his major goal is to build in ways to promote e vi dence based practice in healthcare. Before joining NECA, Dr. Han was a professor of Internal Medicine at Yonsei University College of Medicine and served as the Director of Yonsei Liver Center in Severance Hospital from 2015 to 2019. He was graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine in 1979 and was a research associate in Baylor College of Medicine in the US (1990~1992 ). As a world renowned scholar on liver disease, Dr. Han was appointed as the first Korean president of the International Association for the Stu dy of the Liver in 2019. He served as the first chairman of the Asia Pacific Primary Liver Cancer Expert Association (2013~2015) and has represented Korea as a member of the committee responsible for publishing WHO guidelines regarding Hepatitis B in 2014. Both as a prominent academian and clinician, Dr . Han served as the president of Korean Association for the Study of the Liver (2014~2015). Dr. Han started his government funded research as the Director of Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Research Center (2009~2014) designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and has made significant contributions to the development of government funded health clinical research. Dr. Han is a current member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and National Academy of Medicine in Korea.