Jeonghoon Ahn, PhD
Professor, Department of Health Convergence
Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of (South)
Dr. Jeonghoon Ahn is a full professor (since March 2020) at the Ewha Womans
University (Seoul, Korea) and an adjunct fellow at the National Evidence-based
healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA), Seoul, Korea. He is an expert on health
technology assessment (HTA) and health economics. He worked 7 years in NECA and
served in various decision making and advisory committees of public agencies such as
the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Services (HIRA) and the Korean Centers
for Disease Control (KCDC). Professor Ahn has graduated the Seoul National
University Department of International Economics for undergraduate and master
program. He also received a PhD in Economics from the University of Southern
California (USC) and was an assistant professor of pharmaceutical economics and
Policy at the USC. Dr. Ahn has served on many international professional organizations
such as ISPOR, HTAi, INAHTA, and HTAsiaLink. He is the Chair of the ISPOR Asia
Consortium (2020-2022) and was a president of ISPOR Korea Chapter (2012-2014). Dr.
Ahn was elected as a board director of the Health Technology Assessment International
(HTAi) (2014-2016) and a board director for the International Network of Agencies for
Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) for three times (2012-2016). He also
contributed to form a regional Health Technology Assessment agency network, the
HTAsiaLink (www.htasialink.org), along with other experts in the region.