Next Generation Healthcare in Asia Pacific: Where Technology Meets Patients to Improve Care

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The live Virtual ISPOR Asia Pacific 2020 conference was held live, 14 – 16 September.  Convening a vibrant community of experts and thought leaders shaping the future of HEOR, the conference gave attendees the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders in the global healthcare community, including payers, decision-makers and innovators. Together, they shared information on how to improve healthcare decision-making to ensure policy is inclusive, transparent and evidence-based.  This year’s conference studied all aspects of healthcare—issues that are paramount to the region, and globally. Together, we addressed how we manage healthcare while containing costs, and so many more pressing HEOR-related issues through plenary sessions, a special spotlight session, breakout sessions with workshops and issue panels, educational symposia and opportunities to network with presenters.

Slide presentations are available (subject to speaker approval) at the ISPOR Presentations Database and on the Virtual ISPOR Asia Pacific 2020 Program page.


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