Explaining the Inflation Reduction Act


Moderator: Graham Cookson, PhD, Office of Health Economics, London, LON, UK
Speakers: Kirsten Axelsen, MS, DLA Piper, New York, NY, USA; Amanda Cole, PhD, Office of Health Economics, London, LON, UK

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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law in the United States in August 2022. A key aim is to lower spending on prescription drugs in Medicare. The Act is of profound relevance to many stakeholders across health care and health policy, each with their own perspectives and predictions on the potential implications of the IRA.

The IRA is complex and multi-faceted. The objective of this Educational Symposium is to provide an accessible explanation of the technical detail of the IRA. We aim to promote a common factual understanding the IRA’s provisions and to equip attendees with the information needed to support informed conversation and debate on its potential impacts. The session will be moderated by Graham Cookson, who will provide a high-level overview. Amanda Cole will then walk through the three key provisions in the IRA relevant to health policy stakeholders: the Maximum Fair Price program, inflation penalty provisions, and Medicare Part D redesign including out-of-pocket limits. Kirsten Axelsen will provide a contextual overview of the IRA, including how we arrived at the legislation. Graham will then facilitate an open discussion with the audience, and our expert speakers will aim to identify uncertainties and address common misunderstandings with the details of the Act.

Sponsor: Office of Health Economics




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